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CONSIS Robotic Systems

CONSIS Robotic Systems

CONSIS robots offer a highly effective automation concept for use in pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare facilities, tailored to individual customer needs. CONSIS is an excellent solution both to save time and gain additional space

Consis is a fast, compact and efficient pharmacy robot that supports daily work in the pharmacy.
Basic information:

• Automation of up to 85% of daily packaging issues in a pharmacy in an area of just 3.3 m² (Consis B2)
• Issuing and storage of up to 15,000 packages
• Very fast delivery (from 4 seconds)
• Simultaneous removal of several packages thanks to the "Multi Pick" function

Detailed information can be found in the Consis brochure.

Brochure Consis B

Brochure Consis E