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Museum equipment

Museums equipment: sliding racks, stationary racks, metal shelving

We offer racks for the museum, which eliminate the problem of proper and safe storage of exhibits in museums. Using our knowledge and a choice of racks dedicated to the museums, we are willing to develop specific solutions accordingly to your needs and expectations. We pay an extra attention to the conditions in which collections are going to be stored in the museum and to the safety of your collections with regards to the selection of electronic security.

Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic XTR

Sliding racks Compactus Dynamic XTR is the latest mobile shelving system with electric drive adapted to the biggest loads. It is the successor to the system Compactus Power3 improving many of its functions and providing even more convenient usage.

Compactus Dynamic XTR

Sliding racks with crank drive Compactus Original XTR

The construction of racks has been specifically designed for functional archive layout. Sliding modules provide a large amount of space to store files and documents, and at the same time provide them with a complete protection from harmful external factors.

Compactus Original XTR

Library shelves Sysco

Stationary shelving system Sysco has a solid and practical design. Large selection of accessories contributes to its functional and aesthetic development.


Library shelves Gotia

Furniture distinguished by modern design, thanks to the combination of several different materials. The advantages are an easy installation of shelves (horizontally and transverse) and the possibility of stable settings despite an uneven ground.


Shelving HI280

HI280 is protected from the negative impact of the microenvironment of basements.


Mobile shelving Compactus HI280

Compactus HI280 belongs to a group of very durable racks.

Compactus HI280