Międzynarodowe Centrum Budownictwa Sp. z o.o. • ul. Grójecka 128 paw. 51, 02-383 Warsaw, Poland • Phone / fax: +48 (22) 668 84 50, +48 (22) 668 84 55, +48 (22) 668 84 60

Międzynarodowe Centrum Budownictwa Sp. z o. o. – storage racks, shelving racks, library racks

Our company operates on the Polish market since 1996. We produce racks and fittings for museums, archives, libraries, banks, etc. Our offer includes stationary racks, shelving racks, sliding racks, pallet racks, metal racks, library racks (for books) and laboratory and office furniture. With a wide range of our products we are able to meet the needs and trends of a modern consumer.

Most of our products are metal racks, but we also produce furniture with wooden elements and furniture made entirely of wood.

Our company is flexible. If your order will require a custom-made metal or wooden element, we will provide it on request. We invite you to the Accessories tab, where we present the news about all technical innovations that we use and which distinguish our structures from competing solutions.

You can use the Query option under the Contact tab to submit an enquiry regarding the project of the deployment of furniture and shelves along with the valuation, prepared accordingly to your needs. We will provide this with a pleasure and free of charge.