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    Shelf racks

MCB - Number 1 Racks in the World

Our company has been operating on the Polish market since January 18, 1996. We produce racks and fittings for museums, archives, libraries, banks, etc. Our offer includes stationary racks, shelving racks, sliding racks, pallet racks, metal racks, library racks (for books) and laboratory and office furniture. With a wide range of our products we are able to meet the needs and trends of a modern consumer.

Most of our products are metal racks, but we also produce furniture with wooden elements and furniture made entirely of wood.

Our company is flexible. If your order will require a custom-made metal or wooden element, we will provide it on request. We invite you to the Accessories tab, where we present the news about all technical innovations that we use and which distinguish our structures from competing solutions.

You can use the Query option under the Contact tab to submit an enquiry regarding the project of the deployment of furniture and shelves along with the valuation, prepared accordingly to your needs. We will provide this with a pleasure and free of charge.


  • How to equip a museum with sliding shelves?

    How to equip a museum with sliding shelves?

    In this article, we will try to answer the question of how to equip a museum with sliding racks based on one of our largest and at the same time sophisticated projects, which was equipping the museum of agriculture in the name of priest Krzysztof Kluk in Ciechanowiec with electric drive racks.

  • Anti-pandemic covers

    Anti-pandemic covers

    We are pleased to familiarize you with our offer of equipping rooms with covers made of polycarbonate panels tailored to the needs of each client in order to protect the user against bacteria and viruses from the outside.

  • Dynamic II control panels

    Dynamic II control panels

    We invite you to read the article on our latest solution for the control of sliding racks with Compactus Dynamic II electric drive. Advanced safety systems, an intuitive user interface and the accompanying application are just a few of the many features that our innovative electrical shelving control has.

  • COMPACTUS SIDE2SIDE mobile shelving

    COMPACTUS SIDE2SIDE mobile shelving

    A system of sliding shelves that guarantee optimal use of space. At the same time, they allow to double the amount of space allocated for storing documents and files, ensuring transparency and ergonomics of the work environment.

  • Laboratory equipment

    Laboratory equipment

    We are pleased to introduce you to our offer of laboratory equipment in, among others cabinets for chemicals, stainless steel shelves and various laboratory furniture tailored to customer needs.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    In connection with recent events related to the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, please be advised that we are constantly conducting our business, both in accepting your orders and their implementation.

  • Museum equipment

    Museum equipment

    We are pleased to introduce you to our offer of equipment for museums, among others grids for paintings, shelving with grids, rolls and various types of drawer systems tailored to customer needs (e.g. for numismatic items, orders, etc.).

  • The largest export order ever!

    The largest export order ever!

    We are happy to present one of the largest implementations in history with the use of Double Decker, double-level mobile racks, based on the Compactus Dynamic II XTR system.

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    The unique technical documentation has been qualified as archival materials of historical value.
    The company's archive is intended to collect all documentation in the institution (after the specified storage time in the appropriate organizational unit has elapsed), regardless of which archival category it has been classified in..