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Intelligent security system

Intelligent security system

Thanks to the latest Dynamic II control system, there are many options for securing stored files or secret files. The multifunctionality of the control panel makes it very flexible. For many of our clients, on special request, the racks have been secured with RFID cards. Dynamic II allows you to program access cards with a different frequency range. Their wide range of compatibility creates unlimited possibilities, which means that one card can be used for many units.


Electric rollers

Electric rollers

The rollers are driven by an electric motor. The average speed of descent and entry of the fights is 5 cm / s. They run on specially profiled treadmills that are adjusted to the storage height (up to 4 meters).

As standard, they are powder coated with epoxy paint in RAL9002 color. Painting takes place after all holes and technological bends are made. In order to provide better anti-corrosion protection, the steel sheet is protected with a phosphate coating with a thickness of min 500 mg / m2.

They are controlled by a special remote control.

To see more photos, click <here>


Visual safety

Visual safety

The new standard in safety

In November 2020, we introduced a new solution that guarantees the full security of the electric drive racking system. The cameras are ideal for museums, archives, warehouses, etc. with increased safety standards for stored facilities.

Entry detection

The passive infrared (PIR) technology in our modern system detects a person entering an open passage. The combination of the camera with our LED inter-rack lighting system ensures that the open corridor is used as long as the lights are on. Detection of entry allows the system to know if someone will enter a closing corridor and stop the movement of the system, further increasing the safety of users.

Person or object detection

The automatic slide safety system takes a picture of the open and empty passage. Whenever someone wants to close a doorway, the system compares the actual situation with the saved image of an empty doorway. If people or objects (larger than A5 or 300 cm2) are detected in the doorway, the door will not be closed and it will return to the passive safety procedure (system movement is stopped and the "eye" icon is displayed on both sides of the door. The user must press both " eyes ", one by one while looking at the open passage. This visual safety ensures that the user looks into the passage and makes sure that he can pass the mobile rack)

GDPR compliant

Our automatic slide safety system is GDPR compliant, only storing an image of an empty transition. The processing of images of the empty transition and the current situation between the rack is done directly in the camera, at the moment, it is not possible to download or export the image.

Additionally, we invite you to watch the video showing the work of the new security system: <click here>


Our Operations is Climate Neutral

Our Operations is Climate Neutral

With the ambition of becoming Net Zero by 2045, we have now reached a big milestone, which is to lead the industry of space saving storage systems and become climate-neutral for our own operations as from June 2021!

By “own operations” we mean our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions according to the greenhouse gas protocol. We eliminate these emissions by, as from June 1st, solely procuring local green electricity from local solar and wind installations and green gas from local digesting installations.

In addition we will continue with further energy reduction programs and continuously monitor and manage our energy use to make sure we use a bit less every year. By doing this, we act in accordance with the SME guidelines from the Science Based Targets.


Remote Control app

Remote Control app

The new Dynamic II Remote Control App, available for IOS and Android, gives users the ability to open the desired corridor by remotely operating Compactus® Dynamic II mobile storage systems. Multiple systems can be linked together to form a single unit for easy operation with the Dynamic II Remote Control App.

Advanced safety features such as photocells and the all-new Safety Master keep users and livestock safe.

To optimize the pick-up and return processes, Dynamic II Remote Control includes an inventory system:

  • Assign inventory on each side of the corridor;
  • View inventory in the hallway;
  • Search for objects using keywords, find and open the correct corridor.

Roland van der Velden, Innovation Manager at Bruynzeel Storage Systems: “Using your own intelligent system control device also has hygienic advantages. Combined with our unparalleled security systems, we provide customers with the most secure storage solutions on the market".

We also invite you to watch the movie presenting the work and functions of our new application  <movie>


We care about your future

We care about your future

Międzynarodowe Centrum Budownictwa is always guided by the highest usability standard of the shelves. Our many years of experience in the furniture industry allow us to understand the needs and requirements of each person. We know how important it is to safely store objects.

The variety of accessories and many functions in the Dynamic II rack controller allows you to meet every required need to be able to enjoy the comfort of using the racks.

The electric rack control system allows us to obtain the optimal rack movement. Thanks to the smooth movement function, the stored objects remain in their place. The commencement of the racking movement with a uniformly accelerated movement, then the transition to a uniform, rectilinear movement to end with a uniformly delayed movement is an ideal solution for any item stored on the mobile racks.

Dynamic II is compatible with many accessories, such as LED lights that turn on when the inter-rack aisle is opened. This solution allows to illuminate the stored objects without the need to install a special external circuit in the rooms.

Additionally, the racks can be programmed in the "ventilation mode", which opens inter-rack aisles at equal distances. This ensures better air circulation in the shelves.

In addition, the racks can be equipped with special side walls, which are characterized not only by a great design but also by high usability and flexibility of configuration.

For more information, please contact us! Our design and sales department will answer every question and help you choose the right solution free of charge!


Security is the key

Security is the key

Międzynarodowe Centrum Budownictwa is always associated with high quality, comfort of use, but also a high priority for safety.

All our sliding racks meet international safety standards (OHS).

Mobile racks with electric drive have a built-in overload protection system that works when resistance is encountered. The increase in the current intensity in the motor causes its work to be interrupted and the racks to withdraw in order to break the pressure on the object located inside the inter-rack aisle.

On special request, the mobile racks can include:

  • photocell system (when the laser beam is interrupted, the racks stop and then retreat approx. 10 cm; instructional video: <click here>),
  • safety master (a camera that compares the original image with the current situation in the inter-rack aisle; more information: <click here>),
  • passive safety (the movement of racks requires user approval on control panels that the inter-rack aisle is empty).

Existing installations with electric shelving can also be expanded with the functions mentioned above. All you need to do is contact our design and sales department and discuss the details of the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Unique design

Unique design

Stationary and sliding shelves can perfectly match the interior design of the rooms. All thanks to the decorative panels that protect the drive mechanisms. They have a wide range of colors (RAL, ICA, NCS palettes), wooden finishes (oak, beech) and photo wallpapers.

The wide range of choices perfectly emphasizes their uniqueness. These panels are suitable for a variety of applications in all residential and commercial spaces with normal use, as well as in archives and offices.

Choose for yourself a beautiful and durable pattern of covering panels that will last for years and entrust their installation to professionals


April 18 - International Monument Protection Day

April 18 - International Monument Protection Day

On April 18, we celebrate the International Day for the Protection of Monuments, established in 1983 by the International Council for the Protection of Monuments (ICOMOS). It is a celebration of all those who put a lot of effort into saving monuments and taking care of them - conservators, art and architecture historians, town planners, archaeologists and representatives of other professions working for the protection of monuments, as well as all responsible owners, guardians and administrators of monuments of cultural heritage.

Modern storage systems for objects offered by the International Construction Center allow for permanent protection of exhibits. A compact storage system combined with appropriate accessories makes each facility find its place and will last for many years to please the eye and be an element of cultural heritage.

Below, please visit the official website of the Agricultural Museum in Ciechanowiec, where you can find a short article on saving cultural heritage using a specialized system for storing exhibits in polish language: