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Archive equipment

Archives equipment: stationary racks, sliding racks, mobile shelving

Office documents usually are archived in binders. Binders should be archived in shelves in order not to obstruct the office work.

Our modern archive system ensures a suitable and convenient storage and a proper ordering of documents in the office. Flexible layout of spaces between shelves allows to adjust to the height of binders. We will be happy to suggest the appropriate handling racks for archives, making the maximum use of the available space.

Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic XTR

Sliding racks Compactus Dynamic XTR is the latest mobile shelving system with electric drive adapted to the biggest loads. It is the successor to the system Compactus Power3 improving many of its functions and providing even more convenient usage.

Compactus Dynamic XTR

Sliding racks with crank drive Compactus Original XTR

The construction of racks has been specifically designed for functional archive layout. Sliding modules provide a large amount of space to store files and documents, and at the same time provide them with a complete protection from harmful external factors.

Compactus Original XTR

Library shelves Sysco

Stationary shelving system Sysco has a solid and practical design. Large selection of accessories contributes to its functional and aesthetic development.


Mobile shelving Compactus HI280

Compactus HI280 belongs to a group of very durable racks.

Compactus HI280