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Archive equipment

Archive shelves: stationary shelves, sliding shelves, mobile shelves

Solid and durable archival shelves

In our offer you will find solid and very durable archival shelves made of strong sheet metal that will help you organize the efficient operation of the entire unit. They will protect even the most extensive collections. Their dimensions and functionality are matched to documents in various formats. Stable metal shelves allow you to store even heavy binders. All systems have been designed in such a way as to ensure free and quick access to archived materials. Each structure is precisely made, resistant to dents and other mechanical damage.

The variety of systems means that among the available models, you will successfully find furniture suitable for archiving in a small plant, as well as extensive shelving systems for extensive archives of corporations, banks, schools and universities as well as state or local government institutions.

Modern archival shelves - tailored to different needs

We recommend archival, stationary, sliding shelves with traditional crank or electric drives, which provide very quick access to materials. The available systems also differ in load capacity and additional accessories. In individual series you can choose, among others doors, dividers for shelves (wire or sheet metal), drawers, grilles or blinds. This will allow you to organize extensive documentation even more conveniently.

The offered archival shelves also differ in design. Cheaper systems made of unpainted galvanized sheet will work well for secluded warehouses. For company archives, you can choose varnished shelves, color-matched and stylistically matched to the arrangement of office interiors.

Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic II XTR

Sliding racks Compactus Dynamic II XTR is the latest system of sliding racks with electric drive adapted to the largest loads. Is the successor of the Compactus Dynamic XTR system by changing the appearance of the control panel and improving several of its functions, which makes using it even more enjoyable.

Compactus Dynamic II XTR

Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic XTR

Sliding racks Compactus Dynamic XTR is the latest mobile shelving system with electric drive adapted to the biggest loads. It is the successor to the system Compactus Power3 improving many of its functions and providing even more convenient usage.

Compactus Dynamic XTR

Sliding racks with crank drive Compactus Original XTR

The construction of racks has been specifically designed for functional archive layout. Sliding modules provide a large amount of space to store files and documents, and at the same time provide them with a complete protection from harmful external factors.

Compactus Original XTR

Library shelves Sysco

Stationary shelving system Sysco has a solid and practical design. Large selection of accessories contributes to its functional and aesthetic development.


Mobile shelving Compactus HI280

Compactus HI280 belongs to a group of very durable racks.

Compactus HI280

Mobile shelving Double Decker double-level racks

Double Decker mobile racks is a system of two-level racks based on Compactus Dynamic II XTR electric racks. The mezzanine and the mobile racks located on it, based on the rollers of the side walls of the lower level of the racks, can constitute a self-supporting structure without the need to support the structure with columns at the lower level. Increase your storage capacity to 400%.