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Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic II XTR

Compactus Dynamic II XTR

Sliding racks Compactus Dynamic II XTR is a modern system with electric drive and microprocessor control. These shelves can be moved with one gentle touch of the operating panel and even when both our hands are occupied. Just put the edge of your hand, elbow or other part of the body to give the shelves a command.

Compactus Dynamic II XTR sliding racks thanks to designers are refined in every inch and is not a limitation for them, nor an obstacle, neither height nor length, so that the racks can still function without problems.

The Compactus Dynamic XTR II shelves, thanks to the soft start and stop function, ensure that their contents stay in place during movement.

If a user finds himself on the path of the moving shelf, the shelf will stop immediately thanks to the current flow monitoring system (MCMS) and then retract by approx. 10 cm to allow free exit from the corridor. To ensure even greater security, you can equip the shelves with photocells, whose effects are very similar.

The operating panel can be easily programmed through the appropriate application on your Android or IOS phone. The connection is made using a Wi-Fi signal generated by the entire system.

The versatility of the system ensures both long-term storage and frequent use of stored collections. In order to provide additional ventilation after closing the archive, the system can automatically slide apart (e.g. to protect documents during long-term storage). The system can also be locked to secure documents against theft. Compactus Dynamic II XTR shelves mean safety and convenience of work in your office.

For additional technical information about our shelves, please contact us.


  • Obciążenie sekcji [kg]: 800
  • Wysokość sekcji [mm]: 2994, pitch every 40 mm
  • Długość sekcji [mm]: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200
  • Głębokość sekcji [mm]: 200, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 390, 400, 450
  • Maksymalna głębokość [mm]: 1200


  • library magazines
  • legibly
  • large archives
  • storage of confidential data