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Shelving HI280


The Hi280 standard shelving range is very extensive. On the basis of standard elements, it is possible to create both a traditional shelving system and a high storage installation with narrow corridors, as well as a multi-storey warehouse.

The Hi280 multi-level shelving system is built of two or more levels. Ideal for powerful warehouses, but not only because smaller size HI280 racks are also possible, which will also be found in every warehouse, archive, etc.
Large storage capacity, larger than standard shelf shelving is just one of the many advantages of pallet shelving.
Multilevel shelving offers the following benefits:

• Significant construction cost savings due to effective design
• Posts for carrying loads from the floors above
• High durability of individual elements ensures effective storage of equipment
• Easy installation and possibility of equipping with lighting systems
• Stairs, handrails and pallet gate accessories complete the system
• Possibility to expand the shelves with additional sections
• Load capacity of one shelf up to 400 kg!

The galvanized surface of shelves and frames ensures that this rack will be used for many years. It can also be additionally equipped with many accessories such as: drawers, shelf divisions, slats supporting the content, etc. The modular design allows it to fit into even the smallest space. The load capacity of one shelf can be up to 400 kg when reinforcements are used, and 250 kg without them (this is standard strength), so it is possible to store much heavier items on HI280 racks.