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Mobile shelving Compactus Side2Side

Compactus Side2Side

Racks Compactus Side2Side is a system of sliding racks, thanks to which you can very effectively use the available room for storing materials.

With the Compactus Side2Side shelving, you can double your storage space and save a lot of space. Thanks to the unusual functionality of the system and the available accessories, the shelves can be easily and quickly adapted to individual needs. The system does not require permanent attachment to the floor, so it can be easily disassembled and moved to another location. Thanks to the modules, it is possible to easily enlarge the storage area.

Compactus Side2Side shelving is not only the latest technologies, but also the highest quality and high aesthetics. A wide selection of decorative panels allows you to perfectly integrate shelving into all room standards.

The basic element of Compactus Side2Side shelving is powder-coated steel. Depending on your individual vision, shelves may have decorative panels made of wood, steel, smoked glass etc. Accessories are made of steel, plastics, acrylic, bent wire etc.

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  • Wysokość sekcji [mm]: do 3994, pitch every 40 mm
  • Długość sekcji [mm]: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1250
  • Głębokość [mm]: 200, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 390, 400, 450


  • libraries
  • legibly
  • offices
  • back shops
  • small archives