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Stationary racks Gotia


Gotia shelves represent a very modern design. The elements of metal, wood, smoked glass and perforated sheet were combined here. The side walls can be in an open version or filled with a panel, the appearance of which will satisfy even the most picky taste. The side walls are equipped with a set of feet to compensate for uneven floors. Installation and change of shelves is done without tools. Gotia shelves are available with horizontal or inclined shelves, display version.

The side walls in Gotia racks are made of metal combined with decorative slats made of solid wood. The shelves come in two standards: metal or wooden. You can choose from several standard side walls:

  • open wall (connected elements of metal and solid wood)
  • wall filled with perforated steel panel
  • wall filled with smoked glass panel
  • wall filled with material proposed by you