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Office equipment

Office equipment: storage racks, mobile racks, office furniture

In a large office, there are thousands of documents produced every year, including contracts, invoices, projects, orders, etc. At some point, stationary racks stop being sufficient to ensure a proper storing environment. If we want the optimal use of office space for storing, we should think about an appropriate shelving to store documents. We especially recommend: modern sliding racks electric or crank and proper management of stationary racks and office furniture.

Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic II XT

The Compactus Dynamic II XT sliding rack is the latest electric rack sliding rack system for efficient use of space. Is the successor of the Compactus Dynamic XT system by changing the appearance of the control panel and improving several of its functions, which makes using it even more enjoyable.

Sliding racks with electric drive Compactus Dynamic XT

Bookcase sliding Compactus Dynamic XT is the latest mobile shelving system with electric drive ensuring efficient use of space. It is the successor to the system Compactus Electro improving some of its functions and providing even more convenient usage.

Compactus Dynamic XT

Sliding racks with crank drive Compactus Original XT

It is a racking mobile system, which ensures optimum use of space. At the same time it doubles the space for storage of documents and records, ensuring the transparency and ergonomics.

Compactus Original XT

Mobile shelving Compactus Side2Side

A system of sliding shelves that guarantee optimal use of space. At the same time, they allow to double the amount of space allocated for storing documents and files, ensuring transparency and ergonomics of the work environment.

Compactus Side2Side

Library shelves Sysco

Stationary shelving system Sysco has a solid and practical design. Large selection of accessories contributes to its functional and aesthetic development.


Stationary racks Gotia

Furniture distinguished by modern design, thanks to the combination of several different materials. The advantages are an easy installation of shelves (horizontally and transverse) and the possibility of stable settings despite an uneven ground.


Office furniture

We offer office furniture of various standards and purpose. Furniture can be used at the front desk, in the conference rooms and offices. Our offer includes both simple and budget furniture systems as well as those that are characterized by an original design and high quality.

Office furniture