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  • Mobile racks
  • Regały elektryczne
    Electrical racks
  • Regały magazynowe
    Warehouse racks
  • Regały półkowe
    Shelf racks

MCB - Number 1 Racks in the World

We have been operating on the Polish market since January 18, 1996. We design and manufacture mobile racks / sliding racks (with electric drive and crank racks) and rack equipment for museums, archives, libraries, banks, etc.

We offer:

  • stationary shelves,
  • shelf racks,
  • sliding racks (also known as self-propelled racks),
  • warehouse shelves,
  • sliding pallet racks,
  • metal shelves,
  • library shelves (for books),
  • laboratory furniture,
  • office furniture.

Thanks to the range of various products, we are ready to meet the needs and trends of modern consumers. Most of our products are metal, sliding and stationary shelves, but you can also find furniture with elements of wood or entirely wooden.

Electric and crank sliding racks - a wide range of systems

Stationary, sliding and self-propelled racks available at MCB are a wide range of systems tailored to the specific needs of specific companies and institutions. The structures differ in bearing capacity and lifting capacity, design and finishes. Crank systems will perform well with less load. Sliding structures with an electric drive allow you to quickly access goods or documentation on shelves with one touch of the desktop.

We recommend e.g. modern two-tier sliding racks with electric drive. They allow you to save space in industrial and logistic facilities with a height of more than 4.5 m. Sliding metal shelves for libraries, archives or museums are adapted to the storage of book collections and exhibits, and the main goal of the designer is to facilitate access to the arranged items.

MCB racks - tailored to individual needs

We are flexible. If a non-standard element made of metal or wood is required for the goods ordered by you, we will make it on request. In selected constructions, we can install sliding drawers, wooden shelves, roller blinds, picture nets. On individual request, we can also prepare a durable aluminum floor or vertical shelf divisions. We make antibacterial coatings in laboratory furniture. We want the supplied stationary and sliding shelves to be tailored to specific needs, occupy as little space as possible, and at the same time allow for safe and convenient storage.

We invite you to the "Accessories" section, where we present detailed information on all the technical innovations we use, which distinguish our designs from those of the competition.

Stationary and sliding racks - designs for individual orders

Please use the "Inquiry" option. We have created it for customers who want to order stationary or sliding shelves made in accordance with individual guidelines. You can use this to send us information about the arrangement of furniture and shelves. On their basis, we will prepare an individual project free of charge along with an initial valuation of its implementation.