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LED rack lighting

LED rack lighting

LED aisle lights turn on automatically when the aisle is open. In a Dynamic II system (mobile racks with electric drive), the lights turn off automatically after a certain amount of time.

LED lighting has the important feature of having low levels of UV and infrared radiation. This makes LED lighting extremely suitable if sensitive items are stored. It prevents light damage to the items. The lack of UV radiation also has the property that the lighting will hardly fade or yellow (fluorescent lighting will yellow quickly). In addition, due to the lack of infrared radiation, LED lighting emits little heat, is much more energy efficient than traditional lighting, and has a very long life (over 35,000 hours of illumination).

The dimensions and number of luminaires for the corridor are based on an average luminous flux of 150 LUX measured at a distance of 1 meter from floor level.

It is also possible to use inter-rack LED lighting in mobile shelving with manual (crank) drive.