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New solutions for warehouses

New solutions for warehouses

We are expanding our offer with a new solution for warehouses that combine the design and functionality of electric drive systems and highly durable warehouse racks.

Electrically powered sliding racks are a dynamic solution that can double the load capacity of the warehouse within the existing space compared to standard pallet racks.

The combination of electric rack chassis and sides and beams / shelves of pallet racks allows for the storage of pallets, optimizing the cost and storage space.

Technical parameters of the racks:

Height [mm] Lenght [mm] Depth [mm] Load capacities
From 1750 to 4500
in multiples of 250
1000 400 Up to 1500 kg/level
1250 500 Up to 4500 kg/bay uniformly distributed and depending on configuration
  1500 600
  1800 700
  2000 800
  2250 900  
  2500 1000  
  2700 1100  
  3000 1200  

Moreover, this system offers all the amenities and functions implemented in the Dynamic II control system.

With multiple work opportunities, safety messages and updates easily accessible via the Dynamic II mobile apps, these systems are the future of microprocessor controlled electrical shelving.

Control your storage system by turning the handle or touching the touchscreen.

✔ Intelligent user interface
✔ Built-in RF-ID reader
✔ Built-in proximity sensor

Configure system functions and settings using the Dynamic II application.

✔ Users and groups
✔ Access control
✔ Naming of corridors
✔ LED lighting

Take care of the safety of users and the security of storage.

✔ Overload sensor (MCMS)
✔ Stop button - safety
✔ Photocells
✔ Passive safety
✔ Protection against burglary
✔ Security cameras