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Step into the future

Step into the future

Automated storage technology goes even higher

Sliding racks have evolved over the years, changing their design elements and drive. Initially, they were moved using a special handle or crank using the strength of human muscles to move. Currently, Międzynarodowe Centrum Budownictwa Sp. z o.o. recommends electric drive and microprocessor controlled mobile racks.

With electric drive

Mobile racks MCB Sp. z o.o. they run on rails embedded in the floor or paved with their own floor filling the space between the shelves. Above the rails there is a chassis, equipped with road wheels and a single-phase 24 V DC electric motor (so-called safe) with an appropriately selected gear. The power of the electric motor is 50 W. The multi-speed gearbox located behind the motor ensures long life and high efficiency. The high quality and durable construction is adapted to carrying heavy loads, up to 15 tons per one row of mobile racks. The chassis has advanced safety systems, among others. photocells (when the laser beam is cut, the racks stop), a distance sensor (responsible for maintaining the set distance between the racks) and MCMS - load control system for the drive system (allows you to react to overloads of the motor driving the rack in the event of encountering an obstacle while driving and is one of the elements of the passive safety system). The racks, regardless of the transferred load, begin and end their movement with a constant acceleration, and they travel the work space at a constant speed, regardless of the load. On the mobile bases, there are shelves of various designs tailored to the requirements of users. The racks can have full or openwork Sysco or Compact walls made of powder coated steel. For particularly loaded racks, we offer walls made in the HI280 openwork technology - rack elements made of galvanized steel sheet. The racks can be equipped with: shelves, drawers, shelf dividers, slats supporting the contents, pull-out frames, support beams, etc. On the front wall of the rack there is a control panel with a Dynamic II touch screen.

Microprocessor control Dynamic II

DYNAMIC II is a modern operating system that controls and controls the movement of racks moving at a constant speed regardless of their load. Thanks to the use of the "soft start and stop" function, vibrations and the influence of inertia on the stored objects, which remain in their place during them, are eliminated. The operating panel can be controlled and controlled by manual control from the touch screen or remotely from a smartphone or tablet. Remote control is carried out using a Wi-Fi signal generated by the desktop. No internet connection or SIM card required.

The local Wi-Fi network generated by Dynamic II enables the control system to cooperate with other intelligent warehouse systems such as fire protection, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In addition, the mobile functions of the Dynamic II system enable remote diagnostics and control of correct operation, including the transmission of information about errors in the system operation. The operation is simple and completely safe for the user. The system supports the following languages: Polish, English, Dutch, German, Danish, Italian and French. The control panel also allows you to control access to individual shelves. The use of the device may be limited by an electronic PIN code or a magnetic RFID card. A different PIN code and a different RFID card can be allocated separately for each row of racks or for any number of them. Mobile functions allow you to control who is using a given rack and when.

Automatic security system

The control system is equipped with a unique "Automatic Safety System". This function fully protects the operator, the stored materials and the racks themselves from damage in the event that a person or stored items are found in the space between the racks during the rack movement. When we initiate the rack movement process, the system automatically controls the space between the racks using an image recognition program. When we want to close the door, the system compares the actual state with the image recorded immediately after sliding the racks apart. If people, objects or elements protruding beyond the outline of the racks are detected in the space between the racks, the passage will not be closed.

Multi-level mobile racks

The Double Decker multi-level shelving system is an extension of the Compactus sliding rack system with electric drive and Dynamic II control for high rooms. These are multi-level mobile racks, and at the same time an ideal design and technological solution in high rooms above 4.5 m. Double Decker provides a fourfold increase in storage capacity compared to stationary racks, while being extremely simple and safe to use. Double Decker sliding racks is a two-level racking system with its own mezzanine, based on the side walls of the lower level of mobile racks. This solution allows for more effective use of high rooms, and the own mezzanine enables the operation of high racks without the use of additional ladders, trolleys, specialized means of transport, etc. The mezzanine can be made as a full floor or a Vema grating. The Double Decker construction uses and uses all the elements and benefits of Dynamic II mobile racks. In addition, multi-level mobile racks allow you to resign from the need to divide high rooms with ceilings into smaller volumes. This solution does not require a building permit. It eliminates the cost of constructing a ceiling and reduces the costs of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, fire protection systems and lighting. The construction of a single-storey building, as compared to a multi-storey building, requires significantly less financial outlays, and construction and installation works last shorter. In the case of multi-storey buildings, it is necessary to duplicate the installation at each level, which entails a multiplied cost of both construction and operation. The mezzanine area is not counted when determining the base of the annual real estate tax, as opposed to the area of ​​separate floors. Double Decker sliding racks with an electric drive have an implemented Dynamic II microprocessor control system. In one system of racks offered by Międzynarodowe Centrum Budownictwa Sp. z o.o. you can combine multiple functions to create a centralized storage unit tailored to your individual needs. We enter the future with the Double Decker system.